Nel Mio Nome / Into My Name

The coming-of-age story of four friends who share important moments in their lives and their gender transitioning.

A film by: Nicolò Bassetti

Starring: Leonardo Arpino, Raffaele Baldo, Andrea Ragno, Nicolò Sproccati

A Nuovi Paesaggi Urbani and Art of Panic production, in association with HHH Productions LLC and the support of MIC, Regione Emilia-Romagna

Edited by: Desideria Rayner, Marco Rizzo

Sound Editing by: Stefano Grosso

Executive Producers: Gaia Morrione, Elliot Page

Produced by: Nicolò Bassetti, Lucia Nicolai, Marcello Paolillo


Nel Mio Nome / Into My Name had its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival 2022 in the Panorama section.




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