XXL38. Storie oltre i numeri (Stories Beyond Numbers)

A project for the rebirth of the Laurentino

curated by Gaia Morrione
in collaboration with Nicolò Bassetti
an installation by the architect collective, Orizzontale


site-specific performance
written and performed by Roberta Bosetti & Renato Cuocolo

Sowing a seed for the rebirth of a problem area on the outskirts of Rome: this is the idea behind the project, XXL38. Storie oltre i numeri won the “Creative Living Lab” 2019 Award promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture. It took place on 20-23 February 2020 in the Laurentino Fonte Ostiense neighborhood, the name claimed and desired by the inhabitants of what is sadly known in Rome only by the number on the Zoning Plan, inappropriately baptizing it Laurentino 38.

XXL38 saw two main activities: Storie oltre i numeri: THE WALK LAURENTINO, a site-specific performance by the Italian/Australian theatre company, Cuocolo Bosetti IRAA Theatre created specifically for the neighborhood. A journey/walk through the streets of the area led by the voice of Roberta Bosetti using a radio guide system.

The second activity was the temporary reactivation of one of the 16 gatehouses found at the base of the Laurentino bridges but never activated, even after the inauguration of the complex, thereby denying the area of adequate social services and facilities.

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